Life is hard and as we struggle with trouble and pain, we can lose our wonder and joy along the way, echoing Lea in Zenna Henderson‘s book Pilgrimage: “There is for me no wonder more, except to wonder where my wonder went and why my wonder all is spent.”

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin wrote in his book, The Book of Jewish Values – A Day-By-Day Guide to Ethical Living, “True kindness consists in doing whatever the person with whom you are interacting most needs; thus a depressed person focused only on that which is paining him might desperately need to laugh, and thereby recall that life is not just anguish.”

So if you are discouraged and “wonder where your wonder went” then sit back and let me remind you that life is not just anguish, but there is still beauty and wonder in this world, and things to laugh about and enjoy.

Note: I share items I have found on the Internet. They are not always credited. If you find your photo, article, or video and you would like it credited to you or removed, please let me know.


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