A Basket of Birds

Baby Robins 2 002A few days ago, I was pulling down vines that were threatening to swallow my house when I accidentally pulled down a nest of baby robins. I gently picked up the baby birds, placed them in a hanging plant basket, and hung the basket from a branch of our lilac bush out of reach of the cats and other predators in our neighborhood. Although I am horrified that I pulled down the nest, and I will not be doing any pruning or yanking at this time of year again, I have been enjoying watching the robin parents faithfully and protectively care for their young. You can read the story at my I Love to Go A Gardening blog beginning with this post:

Super Villain in the Garden

I read that baby robins leave the nest 14 to 16 days after hatching. They must mean they grow tremendously fast. I have been taking one picture each day of the babies in their basket so I can see how quickly they develop from day to day. You can view a slideshow of the daily pictures at the following link. I will add to it daily until they fly away:

Daily Robin

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