Turquoise Ice

I love pictures of animals or places that I’ve never seen before–or even imagined existed. This picture is one of them. I think it’s gorgeous.

turqoise snow

photo credit: ©Alexey Trofimov

In the winter, for about five months (from January to May), Lake Baikal in Siberia freezes over but the water is so clear that, from the surface, you can see an astounding 130 feet below you. Wind, temperature differences, frost and sun in the ice crust cause cracks and ice hummocks to form. Transparent and shining in a turquoise color, these masses of broken ice look like shards of glass rising into the sky.

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4 thoughts on “Turquoise Ice

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    Wow, beautiful photo. I invite you to learn more about Siberia. It is a truly amazing place! Stop by for a visit at: http://transformsiberia.com/ Alex

  2. WOAH!!! this is amazing.

  3. I must admit, as much as I hate cold weather, that is a beautiful piece of scenery. Thanks.

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