Snow Art at Night

My husband and I occasionally discuss moving to someplace different. Every now and then we have looked at a map of the USA, and one by one we have eliminated states until we had one state left….and it’s always Michigan! The state we already live in! Michigan is beautiful, there are thousands of lakes and trees, there are beautiful seasons, and it’s not too hot. People always seem to think that, if given a choice, a person would choose to live in sunny tropical areas, but tropical areas are too, too hot for me. I think I must be part snowman. I melt when it’s too hot. I prefer the cool northern places. In fact, if I could, I’d move farther north. 

Anyway, today we are supposed to get a little snow. Not much, just an inch or two. I am glad. I’m not quite ready to let go of winter. I love snow in winter. Snow covers and brightens a gloomy landscape into a beautiful world.

I have several friends who are artists with their cameras.  They have really good cameras with filters and everything, and they have artistic talent. They take gorgeous pictures. Me? I have a small everyday camera–nothing special–that I can slip into my pocket when I go for a walk. I take pictures of stuff I see, like clouds or weeds or snow or bugs. Once in a great while I accidentally take a cool picture.

I really enjoy going outside with my camera when it is snowing at night. It’s fun because I never know what I will end up with. I can’t predict how the light of the flash will hit a falling snowflake so the results are always a surprise. I call it Snow Art. Here are some snow pictures I took in February:

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2 thoughts on “Snow Art at Night

  1. Loved the snow art…I hadn’t seen anything like it.

  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Dweinberg415!

    The great thing about snow art at night is that a person doesn’t even need great artistic talent. Just point the camera and click, and nature takes over! 🙂

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