Captivating Catcerto

I love cats. I love dogs too…and animals in general, but let’s focus on cats today. I think cats are funny, entertaining, loving, cuddly…and they purr.

Everyone in my family adores cats and finds it almost impossible to refuse a homeless cat.  Because of this, we find ourselves with eight cats, all of which were rescued from one place or another: Our veterinarian has a cage set up in his waiting room filled with kittens that are “free to good homes.” I can’t count how many times we’ve gone to the vet with one animal and left with two or three. The kids in our neighborhood periodically knock at the door asking us to “Please, please, please!” give a home to a little abandon kitten they’ve found. They know we will take them in. Sometimes the cat comes to our door himself, pleading for a home. My husband and I even stopped at a yard sale one time and came home with a starving stray cat. One day I will tell the story of our eight cats.

However, right now I’d like to share a story of a famous cat named Nora who is incredibly unique. I love her story!

Nora is a gray tabby cat, who was adopted from a shelter in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. When a year old, Nora climbed up onto the bench in front of a Yamaha Disklavier piano in the middle of the night and began to play. Since that time, Nora has continued to play the piano on a daily basis , sometimes playing duets with her owner and her owner’s students. Nora’s talent has been featured on many talk shows, newspapers and news channels including Martha Stewart, CNN, The Daily Show,Public Radio International, The Today Show, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the syndicated television show, Wild About Animals in September 2010.

Here is a video of Nora playing the piano:

Nora has attracted the interest of both musicians and scientists, who are fascinated by her rare behavior. It appears that she likes the attention it brings her, but she also plays when alone. She does express a preference for playing with students, when they play Bach, and for playing a specific piano, a Yamaha Disklavier. In addition, she gravitates toward the D-E-F range on the keyboard and includes the black keys in her playing.

Mindaugas Piečaitis is a Lithuanian composer and conductor who has worked with several major Lithuanian musical organizations. He gained international attention as the composer and conductor of a chamber orchestra piece featuring a performance by Nora.

Here is the captivating Catcerto:

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