The World Through a Microscope

I love the microscope we got for my son several years back for school. He enjoyed it, but I was absolutely amazed by it. I thought I knew what common items looked like–such as newspaper, cloth, human hair, a mosquito, a fly. But a microscope changes everything. I never knew, until I looked through a microscope, that a mosquito’s wings are so delicate and lacy, or that a fly carries repulsive dirt on its legs. I learned that what I see with my eyes is not everything there is.

The following picture is one our local news station shared on Facebook. Do you know what this item is? Go ahead, study it before you read further.

487151_518907714819376_1440901908_nBelieve it or not, those are snowflakes under an electron microscope.  Aren’t they beautiful? They look like they were cut from construction paper or craft foam.

If you’d like to see other amazing images, here are a couple of links to sites that show microscopic images of every day items. There are countless websites showing microscopic images.

Small World: Stunning photos of everyday objects as seen under a microscope

15 Incredible Microscopic Photos Of Everyday Life Objects

Stuff under an electron microscope

10 Amazing Microscopic Images

Electron Microscope Photos Show Spider Skin, Coffee, Dandelions, Tomato In Extreme Close-Up

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